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4 Essential Road Safety Tips

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4 Essential Road Safety Tips

Heading off on a short evening drive or going away for a long weekend, no matter how far you are driving, it’s essential to ensure that your car is safe before you set off. Here are a few things you should keep an eye on:


It has always been an offence to drive on worn or damaged tyres; you can face an €80 charge and two penalty points if it’s found that your tyres are unsafe. Check your owner’s manual, your car recommended tyre pressure, simply stop off at your local petrol station if you need a top up. Don’t forget your tread depth must be at least 1.6mm.


Always ensure that all of your lights are working correctly, and don’t forget to check your brake lights and indicators. Always ensure you are also using the right strength of light when driving on the road. It’s recommended to use your dimmed lights throughout the day for maximum visibility.


Always ensure that your windscreen is free from distractions and you can see clearly in all your mirrors. If you are using a sat nav or your phone for directions, place your holding device strategically so you don’t impair your vision. If you have a chip on your windscreen, get it checked as soon as possible to avoid damage to your whole windscreen.

Must-have’s in the car

In case of emergencies, you should carry a high visibility jacket, reflective triangle , and a torch. We also highly recommend having a stocked first aid kit. Take it one step further and have a portable phone charger ready to go - just in case !

Don’t be distracted

When driving, all eyes should be on the road. There are many things that can cause distractions when driving. Read our post Common Distractions while Driving to be aware of what can be a distracting. Your eyes coming off the road for just a split second can cause a serious incident.

Even after taking account of all these tips, some accidents can still occur. When they do, that’s when you rely on your insurance. Great rates available on car insurance at Hooper Dolan. Tel: 051 860 600 or call into the office at 31 The Mall Waterford.

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