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Are we there yet?

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Are we there yet?

​Five games to keep everyone entertained on a long car journey.

So you’re heading away on a well-deserved break, and the only thing that stands between you and your holidays is a long drive. To save everyone’s sanity, it’s wise to have some good car games up your sleeve, without having to resort to I-Spy.

Here are a few of our favourite car games that’ll keep the adults and the kids entertained.

20 Questions

Someone chooses an object and says if it’s a vegetable, animal or mineral, and the rest of the passengers have to ask yes/no questions to work out what the object is. This can also be played when someone thinks of a person instead of an object. The other passengers only have 20 questions to figure out the item or person. To hold everyone’s interest, prizes in the form of treats and snacks work well.

The Adverb Game

This one’s ideal for any budding thespians in the car. One person chooses an adverb such as ‘angrily’, ‘sarcastically’ or ‘sweetly’. Another person asks a series of questions such as ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and the other person answers in the manner of their chosen adverb, until the questioner guesses what the adverb is.

The Yes/No Game

This car game is simple - all you have to do is avoid saying the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in response to a barrage of questions from the ‘interviewer’. Depending on the skills of your fellow passengers, each round can last seconds or minutes, and be warned, it can result in fraying tempers! So, as with all car games, make sure the driver isn’t distracted.

A-Z Game

This car game can be made up on the spot and tailored to the passengers’ individual interests. Think of a theme (e.g. Countries) and take it in turns to go through the alphabet (Albania, Britain, China ...). When someone can’t think of an answer when it’s their turn the previous player gets a point. Just make sure to pick a category everyone knows, otherwise there could be some cheating afoot.

I went to the shop….

A simple game of memory that everyone can join in with. It starts with ‘I went to the shop and bought…’ then each person adds on an item to the shopping list. Each player has to recall all the items already on the list before adding on their new item. As the list gets longer, the harder it becomes to remember and repeat each item. If you forget an item, you’re eliminated, until there is only one person left. This game can also be done alphabetically, this can make the game a little bit easier (e.g. I want to the shop and bought apples, bread, carrots….)

It’s always fun to play games in the car on long journeys, but make sure the driver is not distracted and drives safe. See our other posts ’ 4 Essential Road Safety Tips’ and ‘Common Distractions while Driving’.

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